Our Services

Preparation and analysis of financial information which is reported to internal and external users via financial statements. We reconcile general ledger accounts to ensure accuracy of the financial statements.

Auditing Services
Evaluating the reliability and credibility of financial information, as well as the systems and processes responsible for recording and summarizing that information.

CFO Advisory Services
Our role as CFO can be permanent part-time, interim or as a complement to the existing CFO to assist with special projects such as business plan reviews, capital planning, loan facility negotiations, process improvement, and pricing analysis. We help implement and supervise internal controls and serve as key advisers to company management.

Payroll Services
We process payroll (direct deposits, paper checks, debit pay cards) for several of our clients.  This service also includes payment & filing of required Federal & State taxes (Withholding, Unemployment, Sales, and other required taxes).

We work with companies to monitor, record, and track all financial transactions performed by the company.  We ensure all transactions are recorded in the correct customer & vendor sub ledger and general ledger. See Bookkeeping Advisors for more information.

We prepare corporate & individual tax returns.  We also advise new startups on the proper business structure (LLC vs. Corp) for their business model.

Long-term Business Strategic Planning
Plan long-term business direction and decision-making on allocation of resources to pursue strategy, including capital and people.

Assist businesses with establishing a planned level of expenditures, usually at a fairly detailed level for the current year or long-term basis. We assist companies in planning and maintaining a budget on either an accrual or a cash basis.

Financial Modeling
We develop mathematical representations of key financial and operational relationships for clients to use in analyzing how their businesses will react to different economic situations or events, and in estimating the outcome of financial decisions before committing any funds.

Best Practice Studies
We help organizations develop and implement results of industry best practices, in order to enhance performance and improve efficiency.

Shared Services
Streamline your organizational support functions to ensure concentration on core competencies and value-added products and services.  Converge duplicate organizational functions, allowing your business to run more efficiently, while creating unseen cost savings.

Productivity Analysis
Productivity is the measure of the per unit output from a production or service process. We assist organizations with measuring & improving productivity.

High Volume Transaction Processing
We assist organizations in processing high volume transactions in the following areas: accounts payable, accounts receivable (billing) and claim processing.

Business acquisitions, mergers , venture capital &  private equity advising
We assist clients in negotiating business acquisitions and mergers utilizing their own capital, or working with venture capital and private equity firms. We develop financial models to determine the value of target acquisitions.

Activity based costing/budgeting consulting & advising
We will analyze, plan, and accurately assign cost to products and services using our revolutionary techniques. We identify those activities in your organization that are non-value-added, and costs associated with those activities.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Client Testimonials

"I started working with Sydney Shaw, and where other accountants failed - he shined. S&S Financial Services has truly helped our small business prepare for the future!"
K. Gaskin - Kansas City, MO

"S&S Financial Services came in and identified areas of weakness within our financial systems that our auditors didn’t bring to our attention. Their knowledge and professionalism makes them the perfect company to trust with our financials."
Damon Washington, Evolv Solutions, LLC, CFO

"...Sydney, you and S&S Financial Services filled this bill really surpassing my wildest expectations..."
James Stewart, GM/President, Stewart Town Coffee

"Sydney Shaw has taken over the council's finances and done yoeman's work. He is accurate and capable of analyzing and forecasting results."
Lonnie Scott, MidAmerica Minority Business Supplier Council